7 Intermittent Fasting Mistakes That Could Make You Gain Weight


I suggest a few days of intermittent fasting with my clients from time to time. Once their body is cleaned out with a totally nutritious detox and then it gets used to getting all of its nutritional needs met through clean ketosis, the initial quick weight loss can slow down a bit. The body is relieved to know it's getting all the nutrients and gladly burns fat, where it was holding on before, when it wasn't getting what it needs. Eventually, however, the body might get so content to use the keto foods and quantity and may plateau. Intermittent fasting once or twice a week can help shake things up and get their body back into fat burning mode. It's also said to inspire cellular regeneration, which contributes to better health. For some people, however, it doesn't seem to have much weight loss benefit. This often occurs in people who have been in a long time habit of starving the body and then bringing on large amounts of junk once a day. Their body thinks healthy I.F. is just going back to those old, bad habits. This article gives some other suggestions for why I.F. might not be working for some people.