Custom programs to meet your needs.

Because we know that people have many different reasons for wanting to lose weight, and need support on many different levels, we do an individual assessment of each client which includes evaluation of dietary habits and preferences, medical assessment including labs, EKG, metabolic testing, and DNA intolerance testing.  We have many tools in our toolbox including prescription and non-prescription appetite control, hCG, great supplements, personalized counseling  and healthy real nutrition eating plans to help our clients not only lose weight, but learn how to keep it off.  




Our physical health is affected by being overweight or obese, but we’ve found that changing our dietary lifestyle can greatly improve our long-term health.  Our real food nutrition program does wonders to make your body feel, and look, much better.  Getting into smaller sizes is fun, indeed, but improving blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol etc is crucial. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach.  Everybody and every BODY is different.  Let us help you find what works for you.





In order to succeed, it is important to have goals, motivation and support.  Most dieters deal with self-sabotage and lowered resolve from time to time.  “Emotional or stress eating” is a defense mechanism that has become habit for most of us.  Sometimes our family and friends do not understand the journey we are on, the struggle we are experiencing or the goals we are striving for.  We will be on your side.  In us you will find your cheerleader, your teacher, your motivational speaker, your friend.


There is a part of us, deep inside of us, that knows we were meant for more than our current circumstances reflect.  There is a part of us that believes we can do anything we desire and put our effort into.  There is a part of us that dares to hope for something better.  That part is our spirit.  It is our desire to encourage, motivate and inspire within you greater faith in yourself.  To thine own self be true.