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GAC Performance Booster Injections are believed to help fight fat, increase lean muscle tissue, and combat inflammation caused from oxidative stress.  This is sometimes referred to as tri amino therapy.

Glutamine 25mg/ml is one of the most common amino acids in human muscle and the most abundant protein in muscle tissue. The amino acid is needed to synthesize protein and transporting nitrogen between tissues. Glutamine is needed by the body in times of extreme physical activity and when your immune system is fighting off an illness. Claims: Improve rapid water absorption, stimulation of muscle protein synthesis and muscle tissue growth, increased immune system and prevention of infection, reduction in muscle soreness and improved muscle tissue repair, and helps burn more fat while preserving the muscles and minimizing discomfort. Intense training will drop plasma glutamine levels and low levels of glutamine have been a contributing factor in athletic overtraining syndrome and an increased risk for infection that effects athletes during training and competition. Validity: Glutamine is thought to be relatively safe and well tolerated, yet is not recommended for those with kidney disorders. Excessive doses may cause gastrointestinal problems.


L-Arginine 100 mg/ml is the biological precursor of nitric oxide.  Claims: Many protein powders and energy shakes contain this amino acid, marketing it as a nitric oxide producing, muscle-building supplement. Nitric oxide, in theory, is thought to be useful to athletes as it opens the blood vessels allowing for greater circulation of oxygen to all the organs, muscles, and internal systems. Additionally, it is said to stimulate the release of human growth hormone which in turn will increase muscle growth and strength. Arginine is a protein synthesis and is necessary for the proper function of burning fat and is excellent in wound healing and bone repair. Claims: Marketed to enhance muscle growth, strength, and to jump start the immune system.

L-Carnitine 250 mg/ml is made from several amino acids in your body, mainly lysine and methionine. It is a vitamin-like substance important for fatty acid transport.  Claim: In theory, supplementing carnitine will increase glucose metabolism, VO2 max, and reduce lactate production during high intensity exercise. However, the most important claim resides in the fact that carnitine is a “fat burner”, increasing fat metabolism and decreases fatty build up. Endurance athletes use this supplement In order to spare muscle glycogen by relying on fat oxidation.

The formulation of the three together are believed to provide an energy producing, fat burning, & muscle building pathway to your goals.